Build Green

St. Louis Green Homes

Are you looking for a home to be more energy Efficient or a home which utilizes more recycled materials for construction? Are you worried about your indoor air quality or would you rather limit the homes carbon foot print? Do you want a home which is Energy Star Certified or Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, maybe even both? Building GREEN means something different to everyone. The reason for the difference is the variety of local and national programs, each with their own set of standards. This makes it difficult to standardize GREEN building practices.

Some of the key goals of the local and national programs are;

  1. Tight Building Envelop

  2. Low Energy Consumption

  3. Water Conservation

  4. Indoor Air Quality

  5. Solar Orientation

  6. Minimal Site Disturbance

  7. Energy Efficiency

  8. Use of Recycled Materials

So what does GREEN mean to you? Let Vanderbilt Homes help define your idea of GREEN.

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